Market Access through Commercial Resources

Building and growing a company involves many disciplines. The common denominator is ensuring the commercial resources, including business, money, people and customers. That is what we focus on.

New resources for business development can be derived from two sources. One is from investors, and the other is from customers. theView has two separate divisions that provide access to these two resource channels.

Acquiring more customers

theView Agency

theView Agency assists clients in customer acquisition and thereby accelerates the commercial growth.

We supply a Task Force including management and implementation that focus on business acceleration via marketing and sales. Our Task Force delivers the business, sales and marketing plans and oversees the implementation, thereby generating higher turnover and profit for our clients.

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Expanding your business

theView Ventures

theView Ventures assists both start-ups and established companies in acquiring venture capital for business expansion.

In practice, we develop business cases, match these with investors, and provide access to implementation specialists with the relevant commercial resources to ensure acceleration. The expanded businesses can then potentially be sold fully or partially with return on the investment.

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