It began around the millennium

We came from business

Even though some of the partners’ experience with business, marketing and sales dates back even further, the company’s activities originated in 1999 when a few business development activities were undertaken in a smaller company that still exists as part of the company group.

In 2005, the company that today is the parent company, was founded. It still focused on developing business primarily by working as consultants for the client’s top management, but also undertaking sales execution for some of these clients. Two years later the office space was doubled and throughout the financial crisis the company maintained stability, supporting clients by customer acquisition and navigating in a declining market.

Providing Market Access

We became a commercial Task Force

In 2011, the company entered an alliance with an advertising agency called BLIND, and completed its commercial palette by including marketing as a primary service. Business, marketing and sales was hereby fully covered as an integrated Task Force. The concept was well received by both corporate clients and the small to mid-size business (SMB) market leading to the purchase of BLIND in the early 2013.

In order to match the commercial product and service portfolio, the company changed name in 2013 and launched the brands ‘theView’ and ‘theView Agency’ with a supporting tagline that sums op the key success factor; Market Access.

The following year a comparable company called Beyond Unltd. moves in and strengthens theView significantly within the online marketing capability. By the end of 2014 this company was also bought, and with it followed venture activities, investors and a portfolio of start-ups, which founded a new business division. This new division was introduced under the name ‘theView Ventures’ early 2015 and focuses on providing funds for growth.

Having supported customer’s international activities for a long time, the year 2016 was kicked off by opening the first international office. theView is with this initiative active with companies and offices in Denmark and Sweden.

A complete commercial offering

We build and grow businesses

theView includes two distinct international divisions. theView Ventures that provides funding for start-ups and for companies as well as business opportunities for investors and theView Agency that provides increased market access and customer acquisition via a Task Force of business, marketing and sales specialists.

These two divisions allow theView to offer the expertise, commercial tools and resources required to accelerate growth for our clients.