Idea – What we solve

We Create Market Access

All businesses need access to their markets. This is valid for investors, start-ups and companies. We create this market access for our partners and clients. Essentially, it is about building a bridge between a business offering and a market demand. A well-conceived company strategy and business plan should describe why, what and how this is done.

If market demands and the core offering align, actually getting access to the market is a question of skillful communication. This is where marketing and sales come into play. The activities in theView therefore evolve around the leadership and communication that grants our clients access to their markets.

Mission – What we do

theView Agency executes Customer Acquisition

theView Agency is focused on the one thing that really justifies a company’s existence, specifically acquiring customers. We support the planning that potentially can position a company to become a business game changer. With a specific focus on marketing and successful sales, we ensure our clients the actual market access.

theView Ventures enables Business Expansion

theView Ventures is focused on enabling start-ups and established companies to grow into game changers within their market and industry. We raise the required funding and thereby provide the opportunity to invest in market access. We supplement this by ensuring access to resources to support the successful business acceleration.

Vision – What we aim for

We Develop Game Changers

It is great to see a business grow and the potential success of all parties involved is what ignites our passion. However we are even more ambitious than that.

Our vison is to advance theView into a company that has the capability of repeatedly producing real business game changers on an international scale. This means assisting companies and start-ups evolving into businesses that change how a particular market or a specific type of business functions or, potentially, is perceived.

Admittedly, we partially want to do this because of the potential earnings, and probably also because vanity inspires us to leave a legacy. But most of all, we do it because the journey is fun!

Core Values – How we work

We Explore, Engage & Perform
with Passion & Leadership

Our core values are much more than intention. They dictate how we run theView. We choose staff members and partners based on their ability to execute our core business while exercising exactly these values.


We want to see people and companies succeed. It is passion for business that drives us. It is passion that inspires us to do more than most. It is passion that makes it fun, and it is key to most everything we do.


We explore because we want to stay ‘ahead of the game’. In order to achieve our objectives, we are curious and we explore new tools, new markets, new opportunities and new ways of doing business.


We engage all relevant resources in order to succeed. This includes our team, our network and our clients’ staff and partners. We want to cooperate and thereby put maximum force behind the targets we aim at.


We measure the results we create for our clients. Results are the only thing they really want to pay for, and it is the only thing that really changes anything. Our performance counts and it enables us to execute.


We see leadership as a key success factor that – on a daily basis – must be included in the way we conduct business. It is this leadership that inspires people to act, shows the way forward and moves businesses ahead.