"Of course you need to know which market you are trying to access, but even more important, you should know what that market is looking for."

Market Access – the difference of perspective

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Want to gain greater Market Access? Then have a closer look at yourself and your surroundings. The best way to achieve Market Access is unique in every single case, but having knowledge of your own situation versus the community around you, is always a good start. We have collected a few distinctions that fall into the categories of startups, investors and established companies.


First things first. Every company, person or association who wants to profit or do better is in need of the connection to a market. That is what drives the business. That being said, Market Access does not hold the same meaning for an investor or venture capitalist as it does for a startup company or perhaps a well-established manufacturer.


Being a startup

Most startup companies often has the advantage of spirit, new ideas and seeing a market opening. To achieve Market Access in form of sales, the business needs to be accelerated from vision to a sustainable business model. The first market to access in that process is often the right funding and venture partners, or perhaps the qualified resources the startup does not contain itself. It is a market of the right people, and not the actual market that in the end should buy their product.


Investors on the lookout

When looking at Market Access from an investors point of view, it is all about getting in touch with and in the end supporting the right startups or companies. Market Access is then measured in shares, equity and ROI, but the chosen ventures growth potential is also extremely important. Getting in on great developments is of constant interest, and making sure the developments also succeed is the motivator.


Companies should never be satisfied

Once your business is running it is easy to miss the bigger picture. Market Access should never be underestimated, because your ability to find and win new customers is your bread and butter. This should be a natural process, and it helps seeing Customer Acquisition as a constant exercise in gaining and keeping your Market Access. The methods in which companies drive their Customer Acquisition programs is almost endless, but a rule of thumb is, that your Market Access should be maintained, monitored and developed in the same way – and with the same focus – as you control your product or service.


So what does these distinctions mean or do? Of course you need to know which market you are trying to access, but even more important, you should know what that market is looking for. The connection will get stronger the moment you understand, what you are expected to deliver. Investors need good startups or developing companies as much as the same companies sometimes need funding. Understanding is the first step of execution in order to succeed.

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