Who we are

An International production company

HOMERUN is a full-service film production company. We have extensive experience with cultural, educational and entertainment productions and are part of theView‘s business media division. From our base in Copenhagen we make a complete production pipeline available anywhere in the world.

We have more than two decades of experience in the field, and are able to cover the entire process, from concept development through pre-production, production and post production, as well as distribution support.  Our experience includes numerous productions of every kind of cultural and entertainment content for cinema, television and streaming delivery. Through our history we have produced Danish and international films, television programs and series, documentaries, as well as commercials and corporate films for brands all over the world.

Fulfill your needs for all types of media, for use on any channel – from social media platforms and Youtube to movie theaters.

Benefit from our ability to assemble specialist teams for delivering a complete production, from idea to distribution, or any part of it, depending on your need. Drawing from our experience and flexibility gives you access the highest quality of work on any production, large or small.


How we got here

HOMERUN was established in 2002 by Timm Mehrens, then a young but prolific actor on the Danish screens and stages, as an expression of his ambition to help good stories be told right. 

The company quickly gained traction, often managing several full-scale productions at the same time, and expanding far beyond its origins in Denmark and sending production crews all around the world. Projects included entertainment and culture productions, but also a quickly growing number of corporate films and video. During this time, some of the most talented actors, directors and producers were involved with HOMERUN’s productions as Timm headed up more than 100 employees and a vast number of freelancers and project talent. 

During the later decade, the company’s focus on advertisement has increased significantly, and HOMERUN has conceptualized, developed and produced hundreds of commercials for such brands as Disney, Lego, Novo Nordisk, Toys-R-Us, Pixar, Lundbeck, Ubisoft, COOP and many more. 

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